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About thinkergy

We Create Innovators

The Wow Innovation Company

Founded in 2005, Thinkergy serves leading corporations and organizations with sophisticated innovation, problem solving and ideation expertise to improve their agility and ability to be more competitive and shorten product or service development cycles.

Dr. D

Created by Founder and Chief Ideator, Dr. Detlef Reis (Dr. D), Thinkergy is taught and implemented by the United Creative Brains of Thinkergy – a global network of certified business professionals, decorated academics and independent experts.

Our Values

At Thinkergy, we have five key values that inform how we deliver our innovation solutions and which we strive to live up to, in all we do:

We love to create meaningful value.
We love creativity and original, fresh ideas.
We love energetic play.
We love shooting for the ‘wow’ factor.
We love taking action.

These five values are further fueled by one more:


It is our core value, the force that holds together all our ideas and gives us energy and momentum to keep driving forward.

Why We Are Here

Because we believe.


We believe that creativity and innovation are essential catalysts for positive change, helping us all to master the challenges of the future and make our world a better place.


We believe that in any highly dynamic business environment creativity is vital, helping businesses create more valuable offerings, capitalizing on variables such as speed, change, and complexity.


We believe that, given the right tools and methods, everyone can be creative and boost innovation.


We believe that we’ve discovered the best ways to make ‘WOW’ creators and innovators of practically anyone, and systematically produce innovation results at any time.

We want to show you how to WOW!

Our belief in the ultimate power of creativity and innovation gives us the energy and passion to drive forward on our path. We love what we do and we’re sure we can give you one of the most enjoyable and remarkable experiences of your life with our innovation events or projects.