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Hi, I am Dr. Peter

Strategy & Technology Advisor and Innovation Guide

Dr. Peter Theisen (“Peter”) has been an advisor on strategy and technology at Thinkergy for more than a decade. He also supported us as innovation guide on a few high-profile innovation projects. Moreover. in the product development phase of X-IDEA and TIPS, he helped testing and validating certain methodological concepts.

Dr. Peter has a background in strategy & technology consulting, and also worked on digital product development projects in both large corporations and new technology ventures. He also developed competencies in the emerging fields of big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Peter earned a PhD in Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering at Stuttgart University, Germany. Later on, he added an Executive MBA at Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University and Kellogg School of Management.

Unsurprisingly, having a passion for technology and strategic big picture thinking also shows in Dr. Peter’s TIPS innovator profile, where he comes out as a “geeky & brainy” Conceptualizer on a highly pronounced level.

One interesting thing that few people know about Dr. Peter is that during his days in Cologne, he used to play the rock and pop piano in various local bands, which he highly enjoyed to calm his highly active mind.