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The Homeland of WOW


Most organizations prepare their people to innovate by training them in windowless, sterile meeting rooms that stifle creativity and innovation. How can people think out of the box when they’re forced into such a box? 

The Thinkergy Innovation Playground is the ultimate non-box. A space formed from organic shapes to encourage inspiration and insight. It’s the perfect space for creating new products, training new innovators, and holding conferences which require open and alert minds.


The Playground’s five primary spaces are designed to foster the kinds of thinking associated with the five stages of innovation: Xploration; Ideation; Development; Evaluation; and Action (X-IDEA, Thinkergy’s innovation method).

Ideal Site Selection

The ideal site for the Thinkergy Innovation Playground would be a large, verdant, tropical or sub-tropical area on the sea, with several nearby international-class hotels, and within an hour’s drive of an international airport.

Thinkergy — know how to wow

The Thinkergy Innovation Playground will be run by Thinkergy — The Innovation Company in Asia. As the perfect complement to our innovation methods — X-IDEA, TIPS, CooL and Genius Journey — the Playground will be by far the best place in Asia for creating ideas that make you say “wow”, and for turning people into innovators and creators.


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