Times of innovation…are times of effort and sacrifice, of work for the future, while the harvest comes after. The harvest is gathered under recessive symptoms and with more anxiety that rejoicing. [During] recession, new methods are being copied and improved. Some industries expand into new investment opportunities created by the achievements of entrepreneurs; others respond by rationalization of their technological and commercial processes under pressure; much dead wood disappears. – Joseph Schumpeter

Our brand-new organizational innovation transformation method CooL – Creativity UnLimited targets companies that are in one of the following six situations that provide them with an impetus for a CooL change:

  •  Me Too Limited: A long-term copycat company moving towards the verge of extinction.
  • Behemoth Inc.: A large listed corporation with slowly declining revenue trend.
  • Internationalize Plc.: A locally listed bluechip company planning internationalization.
  • New Generation Ltd.: A family business in succession.
  • Creative Agency Limited: A firm in the creative industries that hast lost its creative mojo.
  • Stiffled Ltd.: An established business ready to re-infuse an entrepreneurial, creative culture.

Me Too Limited

Me Too Limited: Move from Copycat to CooL

Me Too Limited is a typical representative of an endangered species.
Behemoth Inc

Behemoth Inc.: Start a new creative cycle

A large listed corporation with slowly declining revenue trend who needs to reinvent itself and start a new creative cycle through both renovations and game-changing innovations.
Expand international creatively

Internationalize Plc.: Expand into other countries creatively

A locally listed bluechip company that is internationalizing into other countries and regions and needs to infuse more creativity to respond to local consumer preferences and market specifics.
Refocus and modernize a family biz

New Generation Ltd.: Refocus and modernize a family biz

A family business in succession, where the incoming generation wants to reposition the family business for future growth and change the culture from copycat to CooL.

Of course, there are more situations that make corporate executive realize that their company is ready for a CooL change. How do you think CooL might help you to resolve your company’s issues and prevent of what Schumpeter called “creative destruction”?