CooL Creativity UnLimited

Do you want to build a creative company?

Do you want to build a creative company?

Do you want to boost organizational innovation?

Does your company wonder on how to become innovative?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then: Welcome to CooL – Creativity UnLimited, Thinkergy’s proprietary innovation transformation method that we created to help companies to develop an innovation culture and to build a creative company.

CooL gives you innovation audit and diagnosis tools to understand the obstacles of organizational innovation in your firm, and then provides you with a robust stage model plus a set of individualized action ideas and innovation measures to successfully accomplish a CooL change.

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Talking innovation is easy. Walking your innovation talk is difficult — particularly when it comes to organizational innovation. Although many companies list ‘innovation’ as one of their corporate values in times of the innovation economy, few companies have managed to build a creative culture, a sustainable innovation culture that encourages their people to think, suggest, and take initiative on their ideas.

Why is this important? Innovation always starts with ideas. It starts with ideas that come out of individual heads. But does your corporate culture encourage your staff to put an idea out in the open, or does it rather kill ideas? Does it encourage people to take initiative on their promising ideas, or does it penalize initiative and failure?

If you want to promote innovation in your company, you surely should boost the creativity of your workforce through quality creativity and innovation training. But more importantly, you must create an innovation culture that encourages people to come up with ideas, to talk about their ideas, to take initiative on their ideas even in the face of possible failure, to collaborate across teams and units on their ideas, in order to turn ideas into tangible innovation. In other words, you must start building an innovation culture. But how exactly can you do this?

To help you creating a culture of innovation, Thinkergy created CooL – Creativity UnLimited. Our proprietary innovation transformation method is designed to show companies how to become innovative, and helps firms to develop an innovation culture and to build a creative company.

Grounded in the literature on organizational innovation and organizational change (i.e., books, research papers and studies, and case studies on innovation leaders), our CooL innovation transformation method provides you with a framework to reliably guide companies towards creating a culture of innovation:

CooL caters to the complex intricacies of organizational innovation by focusing on five main dimensions — leadership, commitment, collaboration and communication, culture and structure.

Related to these five dimensions, CooL tracks over fifty organizational innovation factors in an innovation audit. This shows you for each factor the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be in future.
Last but not least, CooL provides you with vast repertoire of concrete action ideas on how to turn each factor around and close the identified gap between your current innovation-hostile state and your desired innovation-friendly future state of a creative culture.

But the best thing about CooL is that it is not only follows a highly structured approach grounded in theory and research, but turns organizational innovation change into a playful, positive and energizing exercise. With our CooL Innovation Game and other methodological features, we make the CooL change easy and fun for your workforce.

Are you ready to creating a culture of innovation in your firm? Do you want to build a creative company that is ready to become one of the innovation leaders in the innovation economy? When is now the best time to begin unleashing your company’s powers of innovation?