Genius Journey

There is a genius in all of us. — Albert Einstein

Most CEOs of the world’s leading corporations agree that creativity is the most important leadership skill in times of the innovation economy and an increasingly fast, complex, risky and ever-changing business environment of the early 21st century. At the same time, however, most companies acknowledge that they have no idea on how to develop authentic creative leaders.

Thinkergy’s Genius Journey is a creative leadership method that we designed to cater to this wider unsatisfied need in leadership development. We send candidates for creative leadership training on a experiential journey to cultivate a genius mindset and develop cognitive strategies of authentic creative leaders.

As we have entered the Innovation Economy, creativity and innovation have become more important than ever for business success. Companies struggle to cope with a business environment characterized by accelerating change, higher complexity, greater risks and regular surprises. To respond and effectively deal with the increasing complexity of the business world and to produce superior and sustainable growth of revenues and profit margins, IBM’s 2010 Global CEO Study found that six out of ten CEOs of the world’s leading companies regard creativity as the key characteristic of successful leadership. In Asia, the study found the call for creative leadership to be even higher.

While the CEOs of the world’s leading corporations assert the ability to develop future creative leaders to have the greatest impact on an organizations’ future success, only one in three organizations think they can do this effectively (according to the IBM Global Chief Human Resource Officer Study 2011). The ability to identify, develop and empower agile creative leaders is a critical imperative for CHROs over the next years. “We have strong managers, not leaders — and we need strong creative leaders to achieve our strategic objectives,” noted a U.K. HR director in this context.

“To instill the dexterity and flexibility necessary to seize elusive opportunity, companies must move beyond traditional leadership development methods and find ways to inject within their leadership candidates not only the empirical skills necessary for effective management, but also the cognitive skills to drive creative solutions. The learning initiatives that enable this objective must be at least as creative as the leaders they seek to foster”, the IBM study concludes.

Thinkergy’s Genius Journey Method is the answer to this call for a creative leadership development program. Genius Journey enables senior executives, ambitious middle managers and entrepreneurs to develop creative mindsets and cognitive skills that are required to become an authentic creative business leader in the Innovation Economy. Genius Journey is an Individual Creativity Training & Coaching to equip creative leaders with mindsets and daily life approaches that allow them to reconnect to and realize their inner genius potential.

The Genius Journey develops visionary creative leaders for the innovation age. The method shows you how to unblock mental blocks that limit the creative flow, and to gain confidence in your own genius potential in order to become a creator and innovator and be able to lead an innovative organization with authenticity.