What's your innovator profile?

Welcome to the Innovation Economy. Innovation is now the name of the game for you to skyrocket your career. Take the TIPS Innovation Profiling Test and discover your innovator profile.


What You Get

Take the TIPS online test (60 visually animated questions). Then, receive your 36-page report with your TIPS profile and personal profiling results revealing your innovation game plan.

What benefits will you get from TIPS?

TIPS offers a wide range of value benefits that allow you to easily apply your profile both in innovation and business.

Discover your innovator type

Discover your TIPS innovator profile! Follow your personal, natural path to a producing innovation results.

Learn about your TIPS home base - and your preferred cognitive styles to think, work, interact, and live.

Recognise your cognitive styles

Find out how you innovate

What's your preferred style to innovate? Learn how you can best contribute to corporate innovation.

Manage or lead innovation

Would you make a good innovation manager? Do you have the potential to develop into a creative leader?

What industries, business functions and organisational best fit your innovator profile and cognitive styles?

Your innovation ecosystem

Where do you innovate best

What stages in the creative process allow you to shine? What innovation types naturally fit your profile?

How TIPS is Designed

Understand the design architecture of TIPS


What People Say

“Knowing myself, I’ve already expected to come out as a Promoter. And so it came when I got my TIPS Profile.”

Ferdinand Gutierrez
Founder & CEO of Sandbox Global

"TIPS is the assessment tool that I've found my clients responded to best. It identifies our unique capabilities including our thinking style and work style.

Ploynitcha Jaruhirunsakul
Assistant Vice President at TRIS Corp

“Every now and then I come across an assessment that fills a definite need and does it extremely well. TIPS is just one of these.”

Robert Bluett
Founder & CEO of People Plus Systems


Getting TIPS-ed just got easier!

Finally, you don't need to invest $299 for a 1-day TIPS Training to get access to the TIPS Innovator Profiling Test. Now, ready-aim-fire is all you need to do to get TIPS-ed:
• Ready: Register your name, and re-confirm you're a human
• Aim: Buy your test coupon for  $89.*
• Fire: Take the test, and enjoy your TIPS report & results!

*PHEW! So you don’t have to surrender your annual bonus to get your innovator profile


About Us

Thinkergy is an innovation company on a mission to create innovators. We not only just talk the innovation talk. but walk innovation on a daily basis. Over the past 15 years, we created a suite of 4 integrated innovation methods, with TIPS being one of them. All of our methods have evolved by blending innovation theory and academic research with practical, real-life innovation project work following a rapid prototyping approach with various rounds of iteration.