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TIPS Licensing

Guide your clients towards innovator awareness

Bringing TIPS to your clients

You are an established training company, a renowned organizational development consulting firm or a respected executive coach and are passionate to help people realize their full potential.



License our innovation profiling know-how to help your clients to better understand themselves and the natural talent mix of their staff.

What’s it all about?

Our TIPS Innovation Profiling Licensing Program provides you with all of Thinkergy’s methodological know-how to profile your corporate clients or coaching clients. We train you and a number of your trainers or consultants on how to run a TIPS Innovation Profiling Workshop, on how to use TIPS in a TIPS Profiling Project with a team, business unit or even a whole company in ways that add value and insight to your clients.

What do you get?

  • License to use the TIPS Innovation Method Know-how:
    • TIPS Innovation Workshop Presentation and related materials
    • TIPS Innovation Profiling Tool
    • TIPS Innovation Profiling Maps
    • TIPS Innovation Project Profiling Report 
  • Training in the details on how to use the TIPS Innovation Profiling Method, on how to run a TIPS Innovation Profiling Workshop, and on how to use TIPS in your consulting or coaching work with your clients.

License our innovation profiling know-how to raise (talent-, innovation-, people- & team-, and self-) awareness in your clients towards using making better use of one’s cognitive preferences. It’s a win-win-win situation: You boost both your client relationship and your revenues, thus adding value to your clients and your business. And you help Thinkergy to create more innovators by showing people their natural innovation style. Are you ready help us to TIPS the world?

"As an executive and business coach, the TIPS Innovation and Problem Solving Assessment is the perfect partner to my proven coaching practice. TIPS excels in creating better understanding, clearer communication and increased productivity."

– Judy Zimmer, Executive Coach, Personal Branding Expert & Speaker

Other solutions

Is TIPS Projects not the solution for you? We offer our clients three delivery routes to our innovation culture transformation know-how, each one catering to different client needs and budgets.

TIPS Training

Why not find out about the TIPS profile of yourself and other members of your team by booking our TIPS Training Course?

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TIPS Projects

Is your company ready to gain a better understanding of the true strengths and cognitive preferences of everyone in your team?

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