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TIPS Projects

Optimize the mix of talents in your team

Optimize your talent mix in your team

TIPS Innovation Profiling Project helps team leaders, managers and senior executives to understand the mix of individual talents in their team, business unit or even company, and to identify competence gaps as well as misallocations of talent.



Is your company ready to gain a better understanding of the true strengths and cognitive preferences of everyone in your team?

What’s it all about?

In a TIPS Innovation Project, we profile a complete team, business unit or even company using the TIPS Innovation Profiling Method. Once we’ve determined the individual TIPS Profiles of each individual manager and employee, we then compile TIPS Team Profile Maps to visualize the distribution of TIPS profiles across the different teams, business units, and/or a whole organization.

What do you get?

  • TIPS Innovation Profiling Workshops (1 Day each) to brief managers and staff on the TIPS Method.
  • TIPS Innovation Profiling Reports of each participating manager and employee to understand the individually preferred thinking style, work style, and lifestyle of each participant.
  • TIPS Team Profile Maps for each team, business unit, and/or the whole company or organization.
  • A TIPS Innovation Profiling Project Report with recommendations on how to improve the innovation capacity of a team, business unit and whole organization (based on the initial agreement on the target objectives of a TIPS Innovation Profiling Project). Recommendations may relate to possible job rotations of certain individuals; the re-composition of teams to achieve more balanced or —if needed— more unbalanced teams; and the targeted recruitment of missing TIPS profiles to close identified gaps, among others.
  • Optional: Vouchers for additional TIPS Profiling Tests for testing candidates for filling identified profile gaps.

"Working with the public, on a daily basis, providing products and services, has really allowed me to maximize my TIPS training. Not only is my approach with my co-workers, more thoughtful and empathetic, but how I communicate with vendors and clients, has also developed."

– Michelle H, Creative Strategist & Entrepreneur

Other solutions

Is TIPS Projects not the solution for you? We offer our clients three delivery routes to our innovation culture transformation know-how, each one catering to different client needs and budgets.

TIPS Training

Why not find out about the TIPS profile of yourself and other members of your team by booking our TIPS Training Course?

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TIPS Licensing

Thinkergy is open to license our TIPS innovation profiling method and the related know-how to worthy professional coaches, training companies and consulting firms.

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