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TIPS Training

Learn about TIPS and your TIPS Profile

Learn to better understand your own style and that of others

In our TIPS Training Workshop, we brief everybody about TIPS and then determine the TIPS profiles of all participating members of your company. Thereafter, we discuss how each profile can add value to a firm and its innovation efforts, and also discuss things such as conflict potential based on the different cognitive preferences of different profiles. 



Why not find out about the TIPS profile of yourself and other members of your team by booking our TIPS Training Course?

What’s it all about?

Whatever your innovation challenge you want to tackle in a X-IDEA Innovation Project: We are ready to rise to the challenge together with you (and chances are that we have already worked on a similar case before in one of the 50+ innovation projects over the years.

What do you get?

During the TIPS training you will get an introduction to the TIPS Innovation Profiling Method with its four basic orientations and 11 TIPS profiles and the TIPS profile of each participant (done prior to the workshop). This will give you deepened understanding on how each participant can add value based on their preferred orientations and their natural thinking and work preferences, and what types of outputs they’re good at producing. You will get an appreciation that every TIPS profile can add value to an organization’s innovation efforts, albeit in different ways and at different points of time within a systematic creative process (such as Thinkergy’s X-IDEA Method). This leads to increased personal and team commitment and enthusiasm towards creativity and innovation

Who’s it for?

TIPS Training is for managers and employees who want or need to deepen their creativity and problem-solving skills, and/or who work on specific innovation projects.

"Participating in a TIPS innovation profiling workshop was an outstanding experience. As team diversity and effective collaboration are essential for success in any innovation project, the TIPS profiling allowed me to understand more about my personal skills and my ability to work successfully with others."

– Maik Fuellmann Founder & CEO of Quizzbizz

Other solutions

Is TIPS Training not the solution for you? We offer our clients three delivery routes to our innovation culture transformation know-how, each one catering to different client needs and budgets.

TIPS Projects

Is your company ready to gain a better understanding of the true strengths and cognitive preferences of everyone in your team? 

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TIPS Licensing

Thinkergy is open to license our TIPS innovation profiling method and the related know-how to worthy professional coaches, training companies and consulting firms.

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