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Why so afraid? Human up (1)

Why so afraid? Human up! (Part 1)

In recent months, I have encountered many businesspeople who somehow seemed to be afraid: afraid of making a mistake at work; afraid of failing with a project they’ve been assigned to lead; afraid of not having all details the of how an event will unfold; afraid of making decisions; afraid of standing up for their beliefs, values and convictions; […]

Tools for Creative Process Stage Ideation + Development

Why using one creative process stage leads to dull ideas

When you “brainstorm” for ideas with a team, do you typically deliver conventional ideas that —if you’re honest— you could have got without dedicating extra time? Well, the reason you ended up with these ordinary low-hanging fruits doesn’t mean that you and your teammates are not creative. Rather, it means that you used an ineffective […]

Creative email handling

Get creative with your inbox

Do you have e-mail fatigue? Does your inbox constantly contain hundreds — even thousands — of e-mails? Does that number continue to grow? For many of us, e-mail seems more of a curse than a blessing, a source of stress rather than a useful and speedy means of communication. A few weeks ago, I decided […]

Levels of creativity

Playing on all five levels of creativity

How do you produce ideas when you need them? How many different levels of creativity do you use when doing this? There are five levels of creativity —with different types of creativity tools— that you should pass through when working on a project: idea preparation, idea generation, idea development, idea enhancement, and idea activation. Level […]

Year of the Horse

Creativity in the Year of the Horse

Kung Hai Fat Choy, Happy Chinese New Year! Tomorrow sees the start of the Year of the Horse, specifically the Wood Horse. What inspiration can we get from the horse to help us flourish and succeed in the coming twelve months and beyond? Adopt characteristics of the horse to ride on the Year of the […]


More meeting types, better meetings (Part 2)

What can you do to make meetings more productive? How to get better outcomes and tangible results out of your meetings? Meetings don’t follow a one size-fits-all logic. It’s rather that different situations require different types of meetings.