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Change pendulum swinging back

Does the pendulum swing back?

Around the time we entered the new millennium, humanity  moved from information intensification into a new economic age: the age of creation intensification. In the innovation economy, the key competitive advantage of individuals, companies and countries alike is creation — the ability to use existing and newly emerging theories, know-how and technologies to create novel, […]


Tracking the dimensions of change over time

Innovation means change. Tracking and mapping political, economic, social and technological change is one of the activities you need to undertake at the beginning of a strategy innovation project. Naturally, the changes of the emerging future are grounded in the changes that take place at present and the changes that took place in the past. What if […]

Year of the Horse

Creativity in the Year of the Horse

Kung Hai Fat Choy, Happy Chinese New Year! Tomorrow sees the start of the Year of the Horse, specifically the Wood Horse. What inspiration can we get from the horse to help us flourish and succeed in the coming twelve months and beyond? Adopt characteristics of the horse to ride on the Year of the […]

TIPS Preferences 2

How do you prefer to think, work, interact and live? (Part 2)

Do you know how you — and everyone else on your team — really tick? In our increasingly complex and dynamic business environment, self- and team-awareness are more important than ever to use the talents and strengths of a team. For that reason, I have developed a ‘people’-oriented innovation profiling system called TIPS. TIPS is […]

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