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Professional success ingredients

Success ingredients of top achievers

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play,” the German philosopher Immanuel Kant once said. Do you have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in what you do? And can these two success ingredients alone lead you to outstanding professional success? Today, let me share with you the key success ingredients […]

Creative marathon

The creative transformation marathon (Part 1)

Imagine being a sluggish, overweight couch potato. One day you think, “I want to run a marathon.” Is that realistic? We all know of examples of people who have done this — but we know there are many more who tried and failed, or who never got beyond the thought. Transforming a lethargic, innovation-hostile corporation […]

Fight overload, get creative

Fight overload, stay creative

In my previous column, I talked about how overloaded we all feel these days. Caused by technological progress, headcount reductions, and the bleeding of work hours into leisure time, this overload is a difficult-to-handle feature of our lives today. I’ve already shown that work overload hurts communication, productivity, and creativity. In this column, I’ll show […]

Year of the Sheep

Creativity in the Year of the Sheep

Kung Hai Fat Choy, Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the start of the Year of the Sheep — or maybe of the Goat, or of the Ram. A ram is just a male sheep, but goats are as different from sheep as lions are from tigers. Goats have beards while sheep have manes. Sheep […]

Why creative leadership really matters (Part 2)

Why the evolution of creative leaders really matters (Part 2)

Two weeks ago, my last column discussed some current fundamental threats to everyone’s well-being: Sustainability. We live well beyond our means and consume more resources than the planet can continue to produce. The financial system. A poorly-controlled financial system threatens to spiral out of control and wreck the world economy. Labor. A dwindling workforce must […]

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Creative leadership evolution

Why the evolution of creative leaders really matters (Part 1)

The need for creative leader development is one of the most important and hottest emerging trends in business. A few weeks ago, I completed a new book on creative leadership development that will hit the international book market by the end of this year. The book introduces a proprietary creative leadership development method named Genius […]

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Creative leadership: Are you hot or not?

Creative leadership: Are you hot or not?

Creative leadership is a new emerging mega-trend in business. In a recent global business study of IBM, 60% of the interviewed chief executives of the world’s leading corporations named creativity as the most important leadership quality to capitalize flexibly on the increasingly complex business environment of the early 21st century. Quite interestingly, the agreement numbers […]


From mindless busyness to mindful business (Part 2)

My last column discussed how living and working mindlessly dissipates your mental energy and cuts productivity, leading to no meaningful output, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness. Now, let’s discuss mindfulness, which is essential to genius, and which you need to practice if you are to become a creative leader. Geniuses are mindful To reach your full potential, […]


From mindless busyness to mindful business (Part 1)

Many of us rush through our days, paying little attention to what’s happening around us. Is that you? When was the last time you took a moment to smell a flower (it doesn’t have to be a rose)? Or paid attention to the flavors and textures in your food? Enjoyed a breeze on your face? […]


Getting to eureka

Have you ever experienced a eureka moment in your life? Well, I was lucky to have experienced two, which inspired me to find out more about the process that led me to this experience. Here is the story of my first eureka — and what it may mean for realizing the genius in you.