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Intellectual Property Protection

Why and how to protect your intellectual property

In the last column, we discussed how investing in innovation pays dividends, and how much of a premium innovators (and their investors) can enjoy over their less innovative peers. That is, provided they’ve also secured the intellectual property rights of their innovations. What is intellectual property? At the end of the 19th century, intellectual property […]

Real-life challenges of innovators

Resolving the real-life challenges of innovators

Last November, I was an invited keynote speaker and forum panelist at the Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum 2015. The conference organizers asked me to start the panel discussion with a short presentation on two interesting questions: “What are challenges that innovators face in the real world?” and “What are the fundamentals to overcome these challenges?” Who […]

Proprietary Knowledge and IP Management

Six questions to help you make the most of your proprietary knowledge

At the XXVI ISPIM Innovation Conference in Budapest two months ago, I participated in an interesting workshop titled “Constructing the Open Innovation Manager: Renaissance 2.0”. In an earlier article in this column four weeks ago, I already laid out the wide knowledge and skills repertoire that an open innovation manager needs to master in order […]

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