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Does your talent fit your work environment?

Does your talent fit your work environment?

Albert Einstein once said: “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Sadly, many businesspeople are on career tracks where they feel like a fish being asked to climb trees. I used to be one of those people earlier in my […]

Professional success ingredients

Success ingredients of top achievers

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play,” the German philosopher Immanuel Kant once said. Do you have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in what you do? And can these two success ingredients alone lead you to outstanding professional success? Today, let me share with you the key success ingredients […]

To thine own self be true

Are you really who other people think you are?

A few weeks ago, I was in Hong Kong to teach a few classes and to meet with some companies. While there, I demonstrated my company’s new innovation people profiling method TIPS,  which categorizes people’s innovation styles. One person who saw the demo thought that people might try to skew their results, and suggested a […]