Testimonials – What They Say

  • "Through his unique style, Dr Reis was able to energize all workshop participants and to build up confidence in them to deliver creative ideas, not only during the workshop but also in future."
  • "It was extremely interesting and worthwhile, and I was delighted to see that my colleagues were so motivated by your innovative approach. The exercises you conducted generated many interesting ideas which are of immense assistance in ensuring that we think creatively and strategically. Particularly during the turbulent and difficult times we are presently experiencing."
  • "We conducted a fantastic three days workshop on Creativity. I saw three very positive outcomes: Every individual discovered they can also contribute to idea generation. We learned simple but very useful methods to generate ideas for a specific business, then evaluate and propose a final strategy. And we built great teamwork among cross-functional teams."
  • "Dr. D did a fabulous job stimulating a diverse group of educators from around the world. His exercises encouraged everyone to stretch their imaginations, to get their creative juices flowing, and literally filled the room with excitement."
  • "I took a risk to bring in an innovation company from Asia, but Thinkergy’s X-IDEA Innovation Method convinced me to give it a try. One of my colleagues commented after the event: ‘This time it was really different… everything came beautifully together!’ I highly recommend Thinkergy for sophisticated innovation projects. It’s well worth the money."
  • "We had a fantastic, energetic workshop, in an extremely positive environment. While new ideas certainly were generated in abundance, the most worthwhile takeaway was the team-building effect and great spirit, that the team is carrying forward."
  • "Dr. Reis created an environment that opened your mind to new possibilities and approaches; and did so relying on well grounded theory and research."
  • "I enjoyed the workshop a lot. I learned that idea generation needs stimulation, openness and quantity and that creativity can be organized!"
  • "Dr. Reis’s mission to foster creative clarity of thought is gaining momentum, as executives confront the problems staff in all sectors face in terms of coping with information overload. …What is certain is that these days it is all about ideas."