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TIPS Figure vs. Fantasy

The last preference Figure vs. Fantasy tracks
if people are more left-brain or right-brain
directed thinkers.

This preference helps to identify who are the
analytical “number-crunchers” (Figure) and
who are the creative “dreamers” (Fantasy).


TIPS Brain vs. Brawn

The third preference Brain vs. Brawn
checks if people are abstract conceptual
thinkers (Brain) or practical doers (Brawn).

This preference helps to understand
why in most firms, the doers and not
the thinkers tend to rise to the top
of the hierarchy.

TIPS Fact vs. Feeling

Fact vs. Feeling expresses if people prefer
to decide and communicate based on
rational judgment and facts or based
on their feelings and emotions.
This preference helps to explain why
some people cannot interact and
communicate well with each other.

TIPS Form vs. Flow

Form vs. Flow captures if people prefer
to live in a highly structured, well-organized
world (Form) or prefer things to be more
flexible, changing and steadily
evolving (Flow).

It is the most important preference to explain
differences in people’s innovation styles.