TIPS Profiles


Putting it all together to capture your cognitive preferences and preferred innovation style

The TIPS Innovation Profiles result from a personality test that uses the four TIPS dimensions (Theories, Ideas, People, and Systems) and the related TIPS dimension manifestations (e.g., Ti and iT) to map out the different cognitive preferences of people.

In total, we consider 11 TIPS Innovation Profiles to capture the fundamental cognitive preferences and innovation styles of different people. These 11 TIPS Innovation Profiles (and the related dimension manifestations) are structured as follows:

  • 4 pure profiles: The Theorist (T); The Ideator (I); The Partner (P); the Systematizer (S);
  • 6 dual profiles: The Conceptualizer (Ti-It); the Promoter (Ip-Pi): the Organizer (Ps-Sp); the Technocrat (Ts-St); the Experimenter (Si-Is); and the Coach (Tp-Pt);
  • 1 universal profile: The All-Rounder (tips).

Each of the 11 TIPS Innovation Profiles is described in greater detail in the section The 11 TIPS Innovation Profiles. It is important to notice that no TIPS profile is better or worse than the others. Every TIPS profile is valuable for organizations, and every TIPS profile can contribute to the innovation efforts of a firm, albeit in very different ways and to different degrees.

Are you curious to take our TIPS personality test to find out what TIPS profiles you are? Or do you want to be notified once we launch the TIPS questionnaire as an online personality test? Please let us know by using our TIPS contact form.

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