TIPS 4 Preferences


The 4 TIPS Preferences with their 3 different expressions represent fundamental differences in people’s thinking style, work style and lifestyle preferences based on their preferred TIPS dimensions. The four TIPS preferences are:

  • Form vs. Flow;
  • Fact vs. Feeling;
  • Brain vs. Brawn;
  • Figure vs. Fantasy.

Note that each of the four TIPS preference comes in three expressions: E.g., the three expressions of the fourth TIPS preference “Figure vs. Fantasy” are: (a) Figure; (b) Figure and Fantasy; (c) Fantasy. These different expressions of the four TIPS preferences express the major differences of people’s preferred work style and thinking style. Moreover, the different preference expressions can also help to better understand and manage the conflict potential of people according to their TIPS Innovation Profile.

We explain the essence of each TIPS Preference in the slider below:

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