X-IDEA innovation tools



The X-IDEA Toolbox currently contains 149 different tools. While walking you through the five process stages of the X-IDEA Innovation Method, we select the most appropriate thinking tools and creativity techniques from our X-IDEA Tool Box for your specific project. These may be popular and well-known techniques such as Brainstorming, Rapid Prototyping, Observation or Concept Mapping coupled with selected proprietary X-IDEA Tools that we have created and successfully tested in our ideation projects (like Human Touch, Speed D, Business Model Matrix, or Ding Dong).

Each year, we expand our X-IDEA Toolbox by adding 11 new thinking tools to our tool repertoire. We aim to have 220 X-IDEA Tools in our Toolbox by 2020. The new tools that we add are often based on ideas, suggestions or expressed unsatisfied needs of our clients.

Why do we need to have so many tools in our creative tool kit? We believe that Abraham Maslow is right: “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” There is a wide range of innovation types that you may want to tackle in an innovation project — and depending on your challenge and the related project type, we pull different thinking tools out of our X-IDEA Toolbox in an X-IDEA Innovation Project.

As for X-IDEA Innovation Training courses (such as the X-IDEA Innovation Sprint (1 day), the X-IDEA Innovation Workshop (2 days), and the X-IDEA Innovation Playshop(3 days)), we select a basic range of general thinking and creativity tools and proprietary X-IDEA Tools to give you a sound basic creative tool kit to apply in your daily work. And the more time you invest in an X-IDEA Innovation Training, the more tools you get.

We humans co-evolve with our tools. We change the tools, and the tools change us. – JEFF BEZOS, Newsweek, Dec. 20, 2009