X-IDEA systematic innovation



The five stages of the X-IDEA Innovation Method (Xploration, Ideation, Development, Evaluation, and Action) provide a solid backbone to guide all the thinking and work activities of a team in a project. In each stage, you follow a different objective, adopt a different mindset, do different things, and produce different kinds of target outputs while avoiding common thinking traps.

Here are some additional design features of the X-IDEA Innovation Method that together lead to systematic innovation and allow for a smooth innovation ride:

  • X-IDEA Steps: As you journey through the X-IDEA Method, you take 1-2-3 steps in each of the five X-IDEA stages to make sure that you do specific thinking. Can you count upto 3?
  • X-IDEA Activities: In each stage of X-IDEA, you follow three specific activities, e.g., you Discover-Design-Develop in Stage D – Development. Each activity asks you either to engage in divergent thinking or convergent thinking to broaden or narrow your thinking.
  • X-IDEA Traps: It’s all-to-easy to fall prey to one of the many thinking traps that wait for you at different points of your innovation journey. But don’t worry: By including X-IDEA Traps, we take care to safely keep you away from the most deadly and common analytical and creative thinking traps.