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The Innovation Culture Transformation Method

How do you generate a lasting culture of innovation? Thinkergy created CooL to reveal what an organization already has and what’s needed, for extensive long-term cultivation of innovative thinking.

Learn how to design, develop and launch the solutions of the future.

CooL gives you innovation audit and diagnosis tools to understand the obstacles of organizational innovation in your firm, and then provides you with a robust stage model plus a set of individualized action ideas and innovation measures to successfully accomplish a CooL change.

"The Innovation Economy represents the largest future threat or opportunity for your career or business – depending on whether or not you prepare for it."

– James Canton

Why Cool Creativity UnLimited?

In times of the innovation economy, many companies realize that they need a creative change to survive and avoid creative destruction. It’s innovate or die. They realize that they need to become an innovation leader in their industry to thrive in the innovation economy and achieve sustainable revenue and profit growth.

Demonstrate real commitment to innovation

Many companies are talking the innovation talk, but comparatively few companies are walking their innovation talk by being prepared to make the crucial commitments for building a culture of innovation. Are you really ready to commit time, money & efforts to innovation?

Promote collaboration & communication

Innovation is a team sport. It tends to thrive when people freely collaborate and communicate with each other to pursue joint innovation challenges and achieve shared innovation goals. So collaborate and communicate more to get more innovative ideas.

Build an innovation-focused culture

Building a culture of innovation is the primary goal of a CooL change. It is the motor of organizational innovation that helps you churn out innovation after innovation. But creative cultures develop only in firms with authentic creative leaders who are committed to innovation and encourage collaboration.

Adjust your company’s structure, processes and systems

Last but not least, innovation transformation also requires you to your firm’s structure, processes and systems fit to your desired new innovation culture. Address those structural aspects that limit an stifle your new  creative culture.

The 8 Phases of a CooL Change

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress”, noted the famous US inventor Charles F. Kettering. With over 200 patents under his belt, he surely knows. Most people don’t want to change, even if it means that their job or their company may become extinct dislike the dinosaurs. That’s why Thinkergy makes organizational innovation change CooL, energetic and fun.


The 8 Phases of CooL Change

With our “8 Phases of CooL Change”, we have adapted a well-established organizational change model that gradually infuses more change over time until the objective is achieved: to build a creative company and build an innovation culture. Moreover, our innovation audit and innovation transformation plan makes sure that only those factors and areas need to be changed that prevent you from realizing your full innovation capacity and becoming an innovation leader.

Notice an urgent desire, pain or challenge that gives the impetus for innovation transformation. What’s the “Aha” or —more likely— “Ouch!” that makes you want to change?

Do an innovation audit to find out what’s wrong.

Align the leadership team behind the goal to re-build a creative company and creating a culture of innovation. Moreover, start developing authentic creative leaders.

Secure senior leadership commitment of time, money and efforts before starting the main innovation transformation project.

Promote and intensify collaboration and communication inside and outside the firm.

Start building momentum for a creative culture change.

Evolve a full-fledged creative culture and adapt internal structures, processes and systems to fit to your new organizational focus on creativity and innovation in business.

Introduce innovation initiatives and more changes to anchor the new innovation culture in your firm.

Who does it work for?

CooL – Creativity UnLimited targets companies that are in one of the following six situations that provide them with an impetus for a CooL change


We offer our clients three delivery routes to our innovation culture transformation know-how, each one catering to different client needs and budgets.

CooL Training

A good way to familiarize yourself with our CooL innovation transformation method is booking our CooL Training Course, the CooL Innovation Workshop.

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CooL Projects

Are you serious about building an innovation-focused culture? Do you really want to build a creative company? Then the CooL Innovation Transformation Projects show you the way.

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CooL Licensing

Are you a consulting company who is interested in using our CooL innovation transformation method for helping your clients to build an innovation culture?

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