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CooL Projects

Is your company ready to take the plunge and go for a cool change? Are you serious about building an innovation-focused culture? Do you really want to build a creative company? Then the CooL Innovation Transformation Projects show you the way.

Make the CooL Change

We will conduct an innovation audit with you and then co-create the innovation transformation journey together with you on how to walk your firm through the 8 stages of cool change in order to develop and innovation culture.

Innovation Audit Project

We audit the innovation readiness of a business unit or company using the CooL Innovation Audit. In a gap analysis between current and desired state for 56 factors, we find out what issues the entity faces. Based on the gap analysis findings, we suggest focus areas and actions to transform the entity from copycat to CooL. If we agree to move forward, we work with the leadership team in Project 2.

Leadership & Commitment Project

We work with the leadership team to first help everyone understand the cognitive preferences of each member of the leadership team. Then, we work with the leadership on the big picture to lay the strategic platform for a CooL Change. Thereby, we first review and —if needed— redesign the strategic core of the company or business unit. Moreover, we may guide the leaders through a Strategy Innovation Project that leads to a Strategic Road Map used for CooL. If the leadership team commits resources for the CooL Culture Change, we move to Project 3.

Culture Change Project

Here, we first create a CooL Change Action Plan with the CooL Change Project Team to agree on CooL actions on all five areas (Lead, Commit, Collaborate, Cultivate, Structure) and agree on innovation performance indicators to track. The first phase focuses on measures to promote collaboration and communication. Then, we address the first set of cultural factors to build momentum. Thereafter, additional cultural factors get addressed to evolve into a CooL culture, thereby also ensuring that structure, processes and systems are adjusted and aligned. Finally, we introduce actions to make the CooL change stick and permanent.


Making the CooL Change for Real

Who is it for?

Senior executives, managers and employees who want or need to learn more about organizational factors that drive creativity and innovation in top innovative companies, and want to explore how these factors might be brought to life in the own organization.

Other solutions

Is CooL Projects not the solution for you? We offer our clients three delivery routes to our innovation culture transformation know-how, each one catering to different client needs and budgets.

CooL Training

A good way to familiarize yourself with our CooL innovation transformation method is booking our CooL Training Course, the CooL Innovation Workshop.

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CooL Licensing

Are you a consulting company who is interested in using our CooL innovation transformation method for helping your clients to build an innovation culture?

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