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TIPS: Cognitive Profiling & Personality Assessment for the 21st Century

Discover your TIPS profile and your natural path to business & innovation success. Recognize your preferred styles to think, work, live, interact and innovate. Understand how to apply your talents to perform easily, effortlessly & enjoyably.

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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

The TIPS Map

TIPS spans a profiling map using the four base orientations as pillars and the four TIPS styles as an overlaying map with a coordinate system.

The TIPS profiling map gives room for the 11 TIPS innovator profiles, and allows for making further distinctions based on the degree of profile expression (TIPS profile levels) and —for dual profiles— the side-orientation.


11 Innovator Profiles

TIPS is based on a fundamental insight: Everyone can contribute to the business and innovation efforts of a firm, albeit in very different ways, based on one’s preferred thinking style and work style. Take a look at the brief description of the essential nature of each TIPS profile:


TIPS 4 Bases

What drives you? What base orientation(-s) get you excited?

People who orient themselves towards theories tend to be rational, abstract big picture thinkers who love to learn and know more about the true nature of things. They value precision and prefer to work alone on an interesting intellectual challenge. Theory-driven people logically deduct conclusions based on facts and abstract thinking. They typically follow a step-by-step approach when solving a problem. They feel comfortable dealing with numbers and compute accurate results.

People driven by ideas are typically intuitive and imaginative creative thinkers bursting with ideas. They love to focus on the future and the big picture. They skillfully discern trends, patterns and opportunities. Their holistic perspective helps them synthesize solutions using a fluid, radiant style of thinking based more on guesses, approximations, and hunches than on facts. They experiment, invent and don’t mind taking risks to activate an idea that they love. They relish and drive change.

People oriented toward other people tend to be friendly and talkative. They enjoy working and spending time with others. They value belonging and easily adapt and compromise when they feel loyal to a group. They are spontaneous and emotional. They pay attention to their feelings and the feelings of others in the group. Some categorize them as “touchy-feely”.

People who gravitate toward systems and processes tend to be hands-on and grounded in reality. Typically, they are neat and organized. They enjoy bringing more structure and order to the world using rules, efficient processes, and reliable systems. They usually construct detailed plans before taking action. Then they progress step-by-step through the plan until they achieve the desired outcomes and results.

4 Styles

What is your preferred style to live, interact, work, and think?


Thinking Style

Figure vs. Fantasy tracks if people are more left-brain or right brain directed thinkers. This preference helps to identify who are the analytical number crunchers and who are the creative dreamers.


Work Style

Brain vs. Brawn checks if people are abstract conceptual thinkers or practical doers. This preference helps to understand why in most firms, the doers and the thinkers tend to rise to the top of the hierarchy.


Interaction Style

Fact vs. Feeling expresses if people prefer to decide on rational judgement and facts or based on their feelings and emotions. This preference helps to explain why some people cannot interact and communicate well with each other.



Form vs. Flow captures if people prefer to live in a highly structured, well-organized world or prefer things to be more flexible, changing and fluidly evolving. It is the most important preference to explain differences in people’s innovation styles.

Thinkergy Innovation Profiling System

Everyone has potential to shine, but finding where & how one’s strengths best serve innovation goals is no easy feat. Thinkergy’s unique TIPS innovation profiling test will do the job for you.


We offer our clients three delivery routes to our Wow Know-how, each one catering to different client needs and budgets: Training, Projects and Licensing.

TIPS Training

Why not find out about the TIPS profile of yourself and other members of your team by booking our TIPS Training Course?

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TIPS Projects

Is your company ready to gain a better understanding of the true strengths and cognitive preferences of everyone in your team?

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TIPS Licensing

Thinkergy is open to license our TIPS innovation profiling method and the related know-how to worthy professional coaches, training companies and consulting firms.

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