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CooL Training

A good way to familiarize yourself with our CooL innovation transformation method is booking our CooL Training Course, the CooL Innovation Workshop.

Learn what it takes to become CooL

Our CooL Training provides key members of your company with basic insights into those factors that either drive or discourage organizational innovation. We do this by playing the CooL game with our participants, which gives them the chance to playfully become aware of the intricate dimensions that make or break a CooL company.

What’s it all about?

A 1 day workshop where senior executives, managers and employees learn more about the set of critical organizational factors that allow a few companies to become innovation leaders in their industries.

With the help of the CooL Innovation Game, you can playfully find out how to transform an organization from copycat to CooL. Learn how your company or business unit can become into an organization with unlimited creativity to lead your industry, category or domain in the innovation age. As Apple’s Steve Jobs noted: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

What do you get?


The CooL Innovation Game that teaches the essence of organizational innovation in an energetic team game format.


An appreciation of the five focus areas that need to be worked on to change transform into an innovation-friendly organization.


A basic understanding of 34 organizational factor pairs (linked to five focus areas) that companies can use to.


A “rough and dirty” team assessment of the current enablers and obstacles of the organization’s internal innovation capacity.


A series of team ideation exercises on how to transform into a more innovation-friendly organization (using selected tools from the X-IDEA Innovation Method & Toolbox).


A refreshed energy and commitment to shift from “copycat to CooL”, and to move beyond a “Me Too”-innovation approach towards aiming to become an organization who actively drives innovation in one’s category or industry.

Who is it for?

Senior executives, managers and employees who want or need to learn more about organizational factors that drive creativity and innovation in top innovative companies, and want to explore how these factors might be brought to life in the own organization.

Other solutions

Is CooL Training not the solution for you? We offer our clients three delivery routes to our innovation culture transformation know-how, each one catering to different client needs and budgets.

CooL Projects

Are you serious about building an innovation-focused culture? Do you really want to build a creative company? Then the CooL Innovation Transformation Projects show you the way.

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CooL Licensing

Are you a consulting company who is interested in using our CooL innovation transformation method for helping your clients to build an innovation culture?

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